Sport Skydiving

Skydive Hana is excited to announce that we will soon be offering Sport Skydiving (USPA ‘D’ License Required) at the Hana Airport Dropzone!

Experienced skydivers are welcome to jump at Skydive Hana, but you need to register prior to manifesting. Due to the strong wind conditions and other limiting factors, we would require that you have made 500 jumps, “D” license from USPA, your own gear and be current in skydiving. Bring your USPA card, logbook, your in-date gear and check in with manifest to sign our waiver form. Manifest will find an instructor to provide a drop zone briefing and check your gear.

D License holders who have not made a skydive in the preceding 6 months or more should make at least one jump under the direct supervision of an AFF Instructor to demonstrate the ability to safely exercise the privileges of that license.