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Skydive Hana is excited to announce that we will be offering Tandem Skydives and Sport Skydiving (USPA ‘D’ License Required) at the Hana Airport Dropzone starting December 12, 2015! We are currently accepting advanced online booking.

Skydive Hana is located in the beautiful island of Maui. We will feature a four-seat Cessna 182, Hawaii’s best Tandem Instructors, and the prestine beauty of Hana below.

Due to Hana being a remote location with limited emergency medical response ability, caution and safety are our top priorities as we bring you this new experience.

Some reasons for choosing Skydive Hana:

 skydiver001_r Commitment to education and safety
 skydiver001_r World’s Most Beautiful Drop Zone
 skydiver001_r Hawaii’s most exciting activity
 skydiver001_r USPA Licensed instructors, Hawaii’s Best
 skydiver001_r Beautiful facilities
 skydiver001_r Choice of world class film crews
 skydiver001_r Green, energy saving plane
 skydiver001_r American parachute gear
 skydiver001_r USPA licensed American owner
 skydiver001_r Community involvement

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